Mohammed Al Amoudi 2013

Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi is a globally successful international entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist.

He has shown a particular commitment to Sweden, to Ethiopia (where he was born) and to Saudi Arabia. His businesses include MIDROC Ethiopia, MIDROC Europe and Preem Petroleum amongst others.

His philanthropy has been focused strongly on education, training and healthcare in Ethiopia. This website is an introduction to him – his history, investments, support for modern management and approach to philanthropy.


Relief for drought victims

55 truckloads of white maize and 20 truckloads of animal forage help drought victims in major relief effort by the Sheikh and his family

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My Philanthropy Strategy

Mohammed Al Amoudi, Forbes 2013In an extensive and exclusive interview with Forbes, Mr Al Amoudi revealed his philanthropy strategy where he is setting the standard in the Middle East and Africa.

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On Social Respoinsibility

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